August 12, 2015   :   1:33 AM CDT   :   Minneapolis, Minnesota


  1. Why go to 10 separate vendors and a bank to litigate your cases? Simplify your office by having one call for litigation support.
  2. Improve your cash flow by coordinating expense payments to case settlements.
  3. Improve your bottom line by not personally financing legal support costs.
  4. Empower your firm with the ability to litigate larger cases against deeper pockets.
  5. Get better reporting and control of where your firm is financing its cases.
  6. We are always there. Whether you need somone in Japan, New York or in your own backyard. We never sleep.
  7. Realize the tax benefits of outside financing instead of eating internal funding.
  8. Use profits from your successes for more important things than personally funding your next case.
  9. Experience courteous, professional assistance on all your litigation support needs, including national and international service of process, evidence requests, medical records, document retrieval, copying, court reporting, investigations, surveillance and translations with one phone call.
  10. We leave the risk analysis of your case up to you. We just support you with the best services available.

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